Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My favorite Jamaican meal. Stewed peas/beans

This is my favorite dish and nobody made it better than my mom. It's basically red beans boiled down to a stew (hence the name)with cured and fresh meats served with white rice. Usually made with beef and/or pork.There are different versions that are made with chicken, tofu to a meatless vegetarian style. I personally like pork so in this version I used salted/ cured pigs tail, beef and oxtail.

Dried red Beans.
Meat of choice beef, pork, lamb or chicken
Green onion/ scallions
Habanero pepper
All spice/pimento
Black pepper

It's sometimes better to soak the cured meat overnight to remove excess salt.
1. In a large pot put beans and garlic in cold water and bring to a boil then add beef and pork. If using cured meat no need to add salt since it's already salted. If using chicken add when the beans are almost done cooking.
2.When beans and meat are soft to the touch of a fork add spinners which is a dough made from water flour and salt then rolled in skinny long shapes that's looks like a larger version of spaghetti.
3. Add scallions, all spice, thyme and habernero/chili pepper and reduce heat until it boils into a thick rich stew.

4.Wash rice and put on with a pinch of salt (optional) and butter lowering heat as it gets to boil.
When done flake with fork and serve in a plate with Stew and enjoy!


  1. Awesome looking Dish!! U can make me the porkless version anytime lol

    1. Thank you. I'll hook you up next time you're in town.