Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ackee and saltfish/codfish! Fried plantain and fried dumplings Jamaica breakfast

Jamaican breakfast that is enjoyed by many.

 Ackee is a vegetable that grows on trees in reddish pods with large black seeds and a fleshy inner piece that has to be removed before it can be eaten. They also come in cans but I prefer fresh ones whenever they're in season. A very important fact about ackee that I should point out is that they MUST be allowed to open naturally in their pods before cooking or they can be poisonous. When prepared the correct way it's very delicious.


Salted cod fish
bell pepper
hot pepper

Boil ackee in salted water and set aside. Then boil the cod fish and flake with a fork.
In a pan put oil and then add the ingredients starting with the onions and stuff, cod fish then ackee. Sprinkle a little black pepper and it's ready.
In this particular picture I served it with plantains and fried dumplings.

Plantains are larger than a banana and has to be fried before you eat it. Dumplings are made from a dough of flour, salt and baking powder then also fried.

This particular breakfast is indeed fattening so it's not something that should be eaten often but it is indeed delicious. Hope you'll be up for the challenge and try it sometime.

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